Dannmar automotive equipment is perfect for auto shop owners who have an eye for quality, without paying too much. They manufacture professional quality auto shop equipment at very reasonable prices. Most of the Dannmar lift line up is ALI certified, further verifying their commitment to safety and quality. Compare the Dannmar two post and four post lifts to other ALI certified car hoist choices out there and you'll find one glaring fact - that they are considerable more affordable. But that doesn't mean they skimp on quality. These lifts are better than anything in their price range. They're packed full of features found on more expensive models.
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  • Dannmar 4 Post Alignment Rack D-12A

    Dannmar D-12A Four Post Alignment Lift

    Dannmar D-12A Four Post Alignment Rack The Dannmar D-12A Four Post Lift is a new breed of uncompromising lifts. With a bold 12,000-pound capacity, this lift is ready to take on all the demanding tasks ...



  • Four Post Lift Major D-12

    Dannmar D-12 Four Post Lift 12,000 lb. Capacity

    Dannmar D-12 Four Post Lift, 12,000 Lb. Capacity With a hefty 12,000-pound capacity, this durable commercial grade lift is ready to take on all demanding tasks of a professional shop. Equipped ...



  • Dannmar Commander 7000X Garage Lift w/Kit

    Dannmar D-7X Four Post Car Lift with Kit

    The Dannmar D-7X four-post vehicle lift is the extended version of the D-7 The D-7X lift is extra long and offers a higher lifting capacity compared to the standard ...



  • Dannmar Commander 7000 4 post lift w/kit

    Dannmar D-7 Four Post Car Lift with Kit

    Dannmar D-7 Four-Post Lift is one of the most popular garage lifts in the industry. D-7 Lift plus kit includes drip trays, caster kit and jack platform.  The Dannmar Commander D7000 ...



  • Dannmar T-100 Tire Changer B-100 Wheel Balancer Combo

    Dannmar T-100 Tire Changer | B-100 Wheel Balancer Combo

    Dannmar T-100 Tire Changer and B-100 Wheel Balancer combo package will get you the max muscle and efficiency for your repair shop's tire and wheel service needs. When you purchase them both ...



  • Dannmar Two-Post Car Lift with Extended Width

    Dannmar D-9X Two Post Car Lift

    Dannmar D-9X Two Post Car Lift | Extra Wide Version The D-9X offers some serious practical and necessary benefits that make it very desirable to service technicians, business owners, and home ...



  • Dannmar Two-Post Asymmetrical Car Lift

    Dannmar D-10ACX Two Post Car Lift

    Dannmar 2-Post Car Lift  D-10ACX 10,000 Capacity This wider version of the D-10AC is for wider vehicles and drive-thru clearance The D-10ACX is ALI and ETL Certified. Plus! 3 Year Standard ...



  • Dannmar Four Post Garage Lift

    Dannmar D-7X Four Post Garage Lift

    The Dannmar D-7X Four Post Lift | Extended version of the D-7 lift. The D-7X lift is longer, wider, and taller than the D-7 model and designed to work with a wider variety of vehicles. The D-7X lift ...



  • Dannmar Four Post Garage Lift

    Dannmar D-7 Four Post Garage Lift

    Dannmar D-7 Four-Post Lift is one of the most popular in the Dannmar line. The reason is quite simple; it fits perfectly in a home garage or shop. The Dannmar 4-Post D-7 garage lift is ALI ...



  • Dannmar Two-Post Asymmetrical Car Lift

    Dannmar D-10CX Two Post Hoist

    The Dannmar D-10CX Two Post Lift is a favorite among shop owners. With an overall width of 145" this 2-post auto lift will fit perfectly into most repair bays. The Dannmar 2-Post ...



  • MX-6 Portable Car Lift by Dannmar

    Dannmar MX-6 Portable Two Post Lift ALI Certified

    NEW MaxJax MX-6 ALI Certified Portable Two Post Lift by Dannmar This portable car lift is perfect for low-clearance ceilings and home garages. Features new automatic locking positions and carriage ...



  • Dannmar Two-Post MaxJax Portable Lift

    Dannmar MaxJax Portable Two Post Car Lift

    Dannmar Two Post MaxJax™ Lift 6,000 Capacity Nothing compares to its portability, compact storage and convenience. The Dannmar MaxJax portable 2 post car lift brings the convenience of a ...



  • Dannmar SX-6 Mid-Rise Portable Car Lift

    Dannmar SX-6/XL Scissor Lift Mid Rise

    Dannmar SX-6/XL Mid Rise Scissor Lift When it’s time to add some much needed versatility and productivity to your professional shop or home garage, your first stop should always be a Dannmar car ...



  • Dannmar Tire Changer T-100

    Dannmar Tire Changer T-100

    Dannmar Model T-100 Tire Changer Ideal for high volume tire shop; its ergonomic design on the swing-arm assists with mechanics comfort and ease of use



  • Dannmar B-100 Wheel Balancer

    Dannmar Wheel Balancer B-100

    Dannmar Model B-100 Wheel Balancer Quick, reliable and accurate this wheel balancer is ideal for cars, trucks and motorcycle tire service.



  • Dannmar Rolling Bridge Jack

    Dannmar Rolling Bridge Jack 6,0000 Lb. Capacity DRJ-6

    Dannmar DRJ-6 Four Post Rolling Bridge Jack Rated at 6,000 LB Capacity - Optional accessory for Dannmar's Major D-12 4 post lift. This scissor style jack allows you to raise the automobile by the frame ...



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  • Dannmar Four Post Lift Deck

    Dannmar 4 Post Lift Aluminum Deck

    Aluminum Deck option for Dannmar D-7 and D-7/X Four Post Lifts Fills the space in between the runways to allow storage of items other than cars on top of the lift. Free shipping when item ships with ...



  • Dannmar Transmission Jack 105453 / TJ-1000 TransJack

    Dannmar Transmission Jack TJ-1000

    Dannmar 2 Stage TransJack 105453 Built to fulfill a wide range of transmission service needs, this trans-jack is equipped with a fully adjustable saddle, an alloy-plated single stage ram, and an ...



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Dannmar has made quite a name for themselves in the past decade. Their premier offering was the Commander 7000 four post garage lift. It is the most popular lift of it's type, and beats most with it's ALI certification. Our customers appreciate the value that they offer with a superior design at a more affordable price. Shortly afterward, they debuted with their two post lifts, which are also ALI certified. They feature many of the specifications and design functions of a premium brand hoist, but with a much more reasonable cost. They now offer a complete line of automotive and garage equipment, including tire changers and wheel balancers. Contact us today to see why Dannmar is such a great deal.

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