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Launch Tech USA has a mission to provide premium quality products at a reasonable price. Their product categories that they produce span TPMS systems, automotive diagnostic systems, sonic cleaners, and car lifts. We concentrate on their auto lifts. Since 2003, they've been manufacturing amazingly affordable options in their category, while providing superior quality and safety in their class. One look at their hoists, and you'll see why they out-class all their competitors in their price range. Nobody offers so much for so little.All lifts meet ANSI stadards for North America and offer great support along with a full supply of parts availability.

And don't forget, we sell, service and install nationwide.

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  • TLT211-AS Two Post Auto Lift

    Launch Tech USA 2 Post Car Lift TLT211-AS

    Launch Tech USA TLT211-AS 11,000 lb Clear Floor Asymmetric 2 Post Lift - ALI/ETL Certified The TLT211-AS is heavy-duty lift that is perfect for lifting the smallest economy cars to the largest SUV's and ...



  • TLT210-XT Two Post Auto Lift

    Launch Tech USA 2 Post Auto Lift TLT210-XT

    Launch Tech USA TLT210-XT 10,000 lb Clear Floor Asymmetric 2 Post Lift Direct Drive, Multi Purpose full asymmetric lift that is height and width adjustable Set it up wide or narrow. Set it up taller or ...



  • Launch TLT240SC Two Post Car Lift

    Launch Tech USA Two Post Car Hoist TLT240SC

    Launch Tech USA  9,000 lb Clear Floor, Asymmetric 2 Post Lift Model TLT240SC Chain Drive, Adjustable Column Width, Double Telescoping Screw Pads, 3 Stage Front Arm With FREE SHIPPING!




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A worldwide leader in the manufacturing of high quality automotive lifts, LAUNCH Tech USA has partnered with Tuxedo Distributors, LLC., a leading global importer of high quality automotive repair equipment to produce and distribute a line of quality lifts that meet global safety standards, including ANSI/ALI Certified for North America consumers at affordable prices. LAUNCH Tech USA produces a reliable, durable 2-Post Lift line that will appeal to shop's productivity, as well as your wallet. Launch's 9,000 lb to 11,000 lb two post lifts are an excellent choice for the professional shop or the car enthusiast. Launch provides unmatched support and availability for its complete product line.

Sales tax applies to all LaunchTech orders shipping to CA, CT.

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