Zinko Jacks are made by professionals, for professionals. They were designed with the end user in mind. They offer components and features that you would place on your own jack if you were designing one yourself. They offer a wide variety of hydraulic and air powered garage equipment, including hydraulic floor jacks, aluminum racing jacks, transmission jacks, bearing presses and jack stands. They comply with ANSI standards and are manufactured in Japan and Taiwan in ISO-9001 compliant factories. These are not your typical cookie-cutter hydraulic jacks. They are made for commercial and industrial applications where only the best will do. They are made durable and rugged, and offer longevity that other tool manufacturers could only dream of. 

Yet their prices are actually quite affordable comparitively speaking. That's why Zinko is gaining momentum among the car collectors and auto shop owners we speak with. Plus, they provide a complete network of service centers across the nation and abroad so if your jack ever does fail you, we can get it up and running again right away.

Most products are always in stock and ready for immediate shipping. We offer the best deals and the lowest prices around the industry, so contact us today and we'll set you up with a jack that's right for your needs.

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  1. Transmission Jack ZML-500 Zinko
    Zinko Transmission Jack ZML-500
    Zinko ZML-500 1/2 Ton Telescopic Transmission JackTransmission removal and installation made easy with the ZML-500. Ideal for use on passenger cars, vans and light trucks....
    Guaranteed Lowest Price $1,157.00 Regular Price $123,300.00
  2. Zinko Aluminum Racing Jacks
    Zinko Aluminum Racing Jack ZSJ-13A
    Aluminum Jack for Racing Cars This super low profile & extremely light weight service jack has an initial saddle height of only 2-1/8". This is the premium racing jack you've been waiting for. ...
    Guaranteed Lowest Price $644.00 Regular Price $773.00
  3. Zinko Aluminum Service Jack ZSJ-15A3
    Zinko Aluminum Service Jack ZSJ-15A3
    Zinko Model ZSJ-15A3 1.5 Ton Aluminum Racing JackThe ZSJ-15A3 car jack has 1.5 ton capacity, made of aluminum, the ultra llight weight makes it a breeze to maneuver.This jack is a must have in you...
    Guaranteed Lowest Price $613.00 Regular Price $711.00
  4. ZSJ-20L Service Jack
    Zinko Service Jack ZSJ-20L-2
    Zinko ZSJ-20L-2 2 Ton Long Service JackThese heavy-duty service jacks are compact and designed for use on a wide range of automobiles. From sedans to light trucks and vans, the ZSJ Series is the professiona...
    Guaranteed Lowest Price $429.00 Regular Price $465.00
  5. ZJS-1228 Jack Stand Zinko
    Zinko Screw Type Jack Stand ZJS-1228
    Zinko ZJS-1228 Jack Stand  12 Ton | 28" Screw Type Stands Ideally designed to support your vehicle on a lift this jack stand is easy to operate, sturdy and features special locking device for...
    Guaranteed Lowest Price $347.00 Regular Price $399.00
  6. Zinko Scissor Jack with Case ZPJ-850C
    Zinko ZPJ-850C Scissor Jack with Case
    Zinko Scissors Jack for Racing Car ZPJ-850CThis jack will quickly raise a vehicle with a very minimal effort.Includes carrying/storage case. 1850 lbs. Capacity...
    Guaranteed Lowest Price $235.00 Regular Price $274.00
  7. Jack Stand ZJS-1218
    Zinko Jack Stand ZJS-1218
    Zinko ZJS-1218 Jack Stand  12 Ton 18 Inch | Screw Type Stands | Short version Designed to support vehicle on a lift.  SOLD INDIVIDUALLY...
    Guaranteed Lowest Price $233.00 Regular Price $279.00

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Zinko Hydraulic Jacks are a great choice for professional use in automotive shops, garages, farm and agricultural use as well as industrial and commercial use. Most models are made in Japan to precise engineering standards and comply with ANSI standards for quality and safety. They've got over 200 service centers nationwide, so you're never far from repairs and parts. These are not your typical automotive jacks. They will hold up to the roughest professional shop abuse that you can dish out, and will be around long after the typical cheap model has been thrown out. Sales tax applies to all Zinko orders shipping to CA, CT.