AFF is a leader in the automotive shop equipment field since 1963. They manufacture many types of garage equipment, but they really shine in the hydraulic equipment area. Products include floor jacks, bearing presses, engine hoist, transmission jacks, and air jacks. But they also supply other shop equipment such as jack stands, ramps, oil drains, work benches, impact wrenches, creepers, vises and much more. With service centers across the country, and a large supply of replacement and repair parts, you can be at ease and know that you will always be able to repair and service your equipment.

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  • AFF 565E Air Axle Jack

    AFF Air Hydraulic Axle Jack 565E

    AFF Model 565E Air / Hydraulic Axle Jack with 3-Piece Extension Kit - 22 Ton Capacity Premium features include heat treated cylinder wall with chrome finished piston giving jack ...



  • 7688 AFF Impact Wrench

    AFF Automotive Impact Wrench 7688

    American Forge & Foundry 7688 Super Duty Impact Wrench  1,800 ft-lbs of max torque | 1" ultra light super super duty



  • AFF 3318 Trailer Stabilizing Stand

    AFF Trailer Stabilizing Jack Stand 3318

    AFF Model 3318 Trailer Stabilizing Jack Stand 50 Ton Capacity with an adjustable height and a head that pivots to level off trailers that are parked on uneven surfaces.



  • AFF Transmission Jack Model 3171

    AFF Transmission Jack 3171

    American Forge & Foundry Low Profile Transmission Jack Model 3171. 1200 lb. Capacity Perfect for auto shops as well as home hobbyists looking to service a car off jack stands or a low rise car lift.



  • 7687 AFF Impact Wrench

    AFF Impact Wrench 7687

    American Forge & Foundry 7687 Super Duty Impact Wrench  **NEW PRODUCT** Incredible 2,200 ft-lbs of max torque plus 1" D-Handle



  • AFF Folding Engine Hoist

    AFF Foldable Engine Hoist 4000 lb Capacity 3582

    4000 lb Foldable Engine Crane AFF  Model 3582 Engine Hoist is engineered for speedy and efficient removal, mounting and transport of automobile and light ...



    Out of stock

  • AFF 31400 40 Gallon Parts Washer

    AFF Parts Washer 40 Gallon 31400B

    AFF Model 31400B Parts Cleaner This affordable yet commercial quality model features a removable work shelf that you can place parts to be cleaned on. Also features a small parts basket as well. This ...



    Out of stock

  • AFF Aluminum Jack 3 Ton Capacity Model 210

    AFF Aluminum Jack Model 210

    American Forge & Foundry Aluminum Service Jack Model 210 3 Ton Capacity | Double Pump Design



  • Engine Crane 3586B Truck Mounted

    AFF Engine Crane Truck-Mounted 3586B

    AFF 3586B Truck-Mounted Engine Crane 1000 lb. Capacity Desinged to be installed in truck beds or vans this rugged steel constructed crane offers 0-70" lifting range.



  • AFF Automotive Floor Jack with Double Pumper

    AFF Automotive Floor Jack Double Pumper 352SS

    AFF 352SS 3 1/2 Ton Heavy-Duty Jack with Speed Double Pumper Feature This is one of our most popular automotive jacks because it features the extra speedy double pump feature for commercial auto shops ...



  • AFF 8877 Oil Drain

    AFF Oil Drain Model 8877

    AFF Model 8877 15 GAL LOW PROFILE STEEL OIL DRAIN  15 Gallon tank with combined baffle captures oil and eliminates spillage during transport



  • AFF Aluminum Jack 2 Ton Capacity Model 208

    AFF Aluminum Jack Model 208

    American Forge & Foundry Aluminum Service Jack 2 Ton Capacity Model 208 Double pump design to get you up fast.



  • AFF Shop Press Heavy Duty 812

    AFF Shop Press Heavy Duty 12 Ton 812

    The AFF Heavy Duty 12 Ton Shop Press Model 812 is designed for light duty applications in a smaller auto shop.



  • AFF 400SS 4 Ton HD Floor Jack

    AFF 400SS 4 Ton Heavy-Duty Floor Jack

    AFF 400SS 4 Ton Heavy Duty Floor Jack Quick and efficient lifting, this 4 ton heavy duty floor jack has rear mounted swivel casters for easy maneuvering and pump, ram, cylinders are precision machined ...



  • 7685 AFF Impact Wrench

    AFF Impact Wrench 7685

    American Forge & Foundry Model 7685 1" Handle Impact Wrench 1" AIR IMPACT WRENCH with 6" EXTENDED ANVIL



  • AFF Low-Profile Automotive Floor Jack

    AFF Automotive Floor Jack Low Profile 300T

    AFF 300T 3 Ton Low Profile Automotive Floor Jack This floor jack quickly lifts from a lowered height of 3.75" up to a maximum height of 21.5" and utilizes a pump design that engages more ...



  • 8893 Waste Oil Receiver AFF

    AFF Waste Oil Receiver 8893

    AFF Model 8893 18 Gallon Waste Oil Receiver 18 Gallon steel recovery tank | Tank mounted oil level sight gauge  



  • AFF Low Profile Floor Jack 200T

    AFF Automotive Floor Jack Low Profile 202T

    AFF 2 TON LOW PROFILE 202T FLOOR JACK - 2 PC HANDLE Built with traditional AFF quality, perfect for today’s lower-profile vehicles. The 202T quickly lifts from a low 2-3/4" to 20" with AFF’s ...



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American Forge & Foundry Inc. has made quite a name for themselves over the years. Formed in 1963, they have grown into a specialist in providing top quality auto shop equipment while maintaining very competitive prices. AFF has over 300 service centers throughout the nation and maintains a complete supply of replacement parts that ensure that your product is not just another throw-away like so many others.

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