We can state this as a fact - No other manufacturer we carry offers a wider variety of equipment choices. That's saying a lot. We carry many different manufacturers, including most of the biggest names in the industry. Choose from floor jacks, jack stands, engine hoists and stands, presses, brake lathes, oil filter crushers, spray wash cabinets, wheel service equipment and so many of the little things that a typical auto service and repair shop should have. Their quality is solid, and while it is suitible for the professional, they are still affordable enough for the home hobby user or car buff. 

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  • Ranger LS43B Laser-Spot Wheel Balancer

    Ranger LS43B Laser-Spot Wheel Balancer

    Ranger LS43B Laser-Spot Wheel Balancer 3-D Quick-Touch / 36mm Shaft / 208-240V 1Ph 50/60Hz Exclusive Laser-Spot Technology The LS43B wheel balancer by Ranger optimizes wheel weight placements with our ...



  • Ranger Wheel Balancer Digital Datawand Entry DST64T

    Ranger DST64T Digital Wheel Balancer with DataWand Entry

    DST64T Ranger Wheel Balancer 3D Quick-Touch™ DataWand™/ 36 mm Shaft The DST-64T is a premium wheel balancer that features the industry’s best technology. Our DataWand™ and inner ...



  • Ranger Tire Changer Swing Arm R980XR

    Ranger Tire Changer Swing Arm R980XR

    Ranger R980XR Tire Changer |Swing Arm | 30" Capacity To get the space-saving benefits of the Ranger R980AT without the addition of an assist-tower, the R980XR is a perfect alternative tire ...



  • Ranger DST642D Wheel Balancer

    Ranger DST642D Wheel Balancer

    Ranger DST642D Wheel Balancer with 2D Quick-Touch and Drive-Check 36 mm Shaft / 220V, 1-Phase, 50/60hz The DST642D offers some of the fastest floor times of any wheel balancer machine ever made. Our ...



  • Tire Changer Ranger R76LT

    Ranger Tire Changer R76LT

    Ranger R76LT Tilt-Back Tire Changer | 30" Capacity If you like the versatility of the Ranger R76ATR but don't need its assist-tower feature, then Ranger's R76LT is a slightly stripped-down version that ...



  • Ranger DST30P Wheel Balancer

    Ranger DST30P Wheel Balancer

    Ranger DST30P Wheel Balancer / 36mm Shaft / 110-240V, 1-Phase, 50/60hz Stop chasing weight! The DST30P Wheel Balancer features incredibly fast floor-to-floor times and calibrates the minimal weight ...



  • Ranger-Wheel-Balancer-DST-2420

    Ranger DST2420 Wheel Balancer

    Ranger DST-2420 Dynamic Wheel Balancer 36mm Shaft | 30" Maximum Wheel Diameter Capacity  The highly accurate Ranger DST-2420 Dynamic Spin Balancer dependably ensures an accurate ...



  • Ranger Tire Changer RimGuard R745

    Ranger Tire Changer Entry-Level R745

    Ranger R745 RimGuard™ 21" Capacity Entry-Level Tire Changer The Ranger R745 is a basic tire changer for entry-level tire and wheel service. It's ideal for performing rapid wheel service on ...



  • Ranger QuickJack BL-7000SLX

    Ranger QuickJack BL-7000SLX Vehicle Lift

    Ranger BL-7000SLX (110V) QuickJack Vehicle Lifting System This is Ranger's larger capacity BL-7000SLX that handles a wider variety of vehicles including light trucks and SUV's. Take advantage of ...



  • Ranger Motorcycle Lift Portable RML-1500XL

    Ranger Motorcycle ATV Lift Portable Super Stretch RML-1500XL

    Ranger RML-1500XL Super-Stretch Motorcycle-ATV Lift / Portable Ranger motorcycle lifts are full featured lifts that are packed with all of the most popular features. The RML-1500XL ...



    Out of stock

  • QuickJack BL-5000SLX Car Lift

    Ranger QuickJack BL-5000SLX Car Lift

    The Ranger Quick Jack BL-5000SLX (110V) Lifting System  Its' a 5,000-pound capacity portable car jack that can be easily transported. Use it to perform routine automobile maintenance at ...



  • RL-8500 Extended Truck Adapter Package

    Ranger RL-8500 Extended Truck Adapter Set

    Ranger Optional Extended Truck Adapter Set / Part 5150181 Our super-duty adapter package consists of an upgraded 1-7/8" arbor and a wide variety of adapters. This enormous multi-piece set allows ...



  • QuickJack BL-3500SLX Lifting System

    Ranger QuickJack BL-3500SLX Car Lift

    Ranger QuickJack BL-3500SLX Vehicle Jack System The BL-3500SLX (110V) can go anywhere and can be easily stowed in the trunk or back seat of most cars when not in use. Bring it to the track or drop it ...



  • CB-30 Swamp Cooler Evaporative Shop Fan

    Ranger Portable Evaporative Air Cooler CB-30L

    Ranger CB-30L Portable Evaporative Air Cooler (Item 5150551) The CB‐30 Cool Boss™ swamp cooler, sometimes called an evaporative air cooler, provides a low‐cost, environmentally‐friendly way to ...



    Out of stock

  • Ranger Motorcycle Lift Platform RML-600XL

    Ranger Motorcycle Lift Platform RML-600XL

    Ranger RML-600XL Pneumatic Motorcycle Lift Package With a 1,000-lb. lifting capacity, RML-600XL lift platform brings professional ease to any motorcycle or ATV service job. Includes side extension, ...



    Out of stock

  • Ranger Air Bottle Jack RBJ-30TL

    Ranger RBJ-30TL Telescoping Air Bottle Jack

    Ranger 30-Ton Capacity Telescoping Air Bottle Jack RBJ-30TL  The true king of rolling floor jacks, the Ranger RBJ-30TL rules the garage floor with its mighty 60,000-lb. lifting capacity



  • Ranger RFJ-10TL Long Frame Garage Floor Jack

    Ranger Floor Jack Long Frame 10-Ton RFJ-10TL

    This long frame jack features an extra long chassis for reaching far under trucks, buses, and automobiles. This commercial quality garage floor jack was engineered for for heavy lifting situations ...



  • Ranger RP-6KC Industrial Can Crusher

    Ranger Can Crusher 3-Ton Capacity RP-6KC

    The Ranger RP-6KC Can Crusher quickly and easily flattens paint cans down to 20% of their original size in mere seconds.



    Out of stock

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Ranger Garage Equipment At Discount Prices

Ranger products, (a division of BendPak) has been manufacturing garage equipment for over 45 years. They fabricate serious auto shop repair equipment for the serious professional. They supply a wide range of equipment to cover almost any auto shop's needs. Products include wheel service equipment such as Ranger alignment equipment, tire changers, wheel balancers, brake lathes, and other automotive tools. They also supply hydraulic equipment, including floor jacks, and air jacks, along with presses and engine cranes. Add to that their oil filter crusher, work benches, tool boxes, and you begin to see a full line of equipment that few other offer. They even produce an innovative wheel alignment machine.

One of the things that sets Ranger aprt from the competition is their engineering. These guys aren't just slapping their decals on some mass produced automotive equipment. They engineer most of their equipment from the ground up. Which is why you'll find that their quality doesn't suffer. Just like with their BendPak car lifts, they don't cut corners just to meet a certain pricing level. We've been selling Ranger shop equipment for almost 20 years now, and we can vouch for their high standards.

So take a look at what they have to offer, and then get back to us with any questions. We'll set you up with the best Ranger tire alignment equipment and other supplies for your application.

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