We can state this as a fact - No other manufacturer we carry offers a wider variety of equipment choices. That's saying a lot. We carry many different manufacturers, including most of the biggest names in the industry. Choose from floor jacks, jack stands, engine hoists and stands, presses, brake lathes, oil filter crushers, spray wash cabinets, wheel service equipment and so many of the little things that a typical auto service and repair shop should have. Their quality is solid, and while it is suitible for the professional, they are still affordable enough for the home hobby user or car buff. 

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  • Ranger Oil Filter Crusher RP-20FC

    Ranger Oil Filter Crusher RP-20FC

    The Ranger RP-20FC Oil Filter Crusher Applies 10 tons of pure, air-operated pressure to just about any used oil filter or can, easily reducing it to 20% - 25% of its original size and removing 95% of ...



  • Ranger RTJ-3000 Telescoping Transmission Jack/Truck Model

    Ranger Transmission Jack 1-1/2 Ton Telescoping RTJ-3000

    This rugged super-duty transmission jack has an incredible 3,000-lb. lifting capacity.



  • Ranger Shop Press Hydraulic RP-20HD

    Ranger Shop Press Hydraulic 20 Ton Capacity RP-20HD

    Ranger RP-20HD 20-Ton Commercial-Grade Hydraulic Shop Press The heavy-duty Ranger RP-20HD shop press is commercial grade, hydraulic shop press that offers up to 40,000 lbs. of pressure ...



    Out of stock

  • Ranger-Tire-Vulcanzier-Heavy-Duty-Truck-RV-80L

    Ranger Tire Vulcanizer Heavy Duty RV80L

    The RV80L Tire Vulcanizer made by Ranger makes repairing tires quick and simple and at the fraction of the cost of purchasing a new tire.



  • Ranger RTJ-1 Telescoping Transmission Jack

    Ranger Transmission Jack 1-Ton Capacity Telescoping RTJ-1

    Ranger RTJ-1 1-Ton Capacity Telescoping Transmission Jack The TransJak transmission jack has a 1-ton heavy lifting capacity and is built out of over 200 lbs. of solid, quality materials.



  • Ranger Work Bench Heavy Duty 2-Shelf RWB-2S

    Ranger Work Bench Heavy Duty 2-Shelf RWB-2S

    Ranger RWB-2S 2-Shelf Heavy-Duty Work Bench The Ranger RWB-2S is a perfect work bench for the professional automotive garage, as well as the home hobbyist. It's a full-featured commercial ...



  • Tire Inflation Cage Ranger

    Ranger Tire Inflation Cage RIC-4716

    Ranger RIC-4716 4-Bar Tire Inflation Cage Suitable for automotive, light truck, and heavy truck wheel assemblies. Meets the most strict OSHA requirements for tire shop service ...



  • Ranger Work Bench Heavy Duty Teardown RWB-1TD

    Ranger Work Bench Teardown RWB-1TD

    Ranger RWB-1TD Heavy-Duty Teardown Work Bench With Fluid Catch The Ranger RWB-1TD combination workbench, teardown table and storage facility is the versatile workstation with all the features that ...



  • Ranger Pneumatic Wheel Lift RWL-150T

    Ranger Pneumatic Wheel Lift RWL-150T

    RWS-150T fits R980XR, R980NXT, R980AT & R30XLT tire changers by Ranger. Eliminates the inefficiency and danger of cumbersome lifting in your shop or garage. Price shown is when purchased with tire ...



  • ranger-wheel-balancer-clamp

    Ranger Balancer Motorcycle Shaft Kit | SKU 5150320

    Ranger Motorcycle Wheel Balancer Clamp Kit | Part 5150320 | SET OF 4 Make your wheel balancer more versatile and open up your business to new revenue streams.  Ranger's ...



  • Ranger RP-20T Bottle Jack Shop Press

    Ranger Shop Press Bottle Jack 20-Ton Capacity RP-20T

    Ranger RP-20T 20-Ton Bottle Jack Shop Press The Ranger RP-20T hydraulic press is a heavy duty model fabricated for professional auto shop use. It offers up to 40,000 lbs. of pressurewith ...



  • Ranger Shop Crane Folding RSC-2TF

    Ranger Shop Crane Folding 2 Ton Capacity RSC-2TF

    Ranger RSC-2TF 2-Ton Folding Shop Crane This 2 ton capacity hydraulic folding engine hoist is perfect for auto shops that have limited floor space but still want the lifting capabilities ...



  • Ranger RFJ-2TX Long Reach "Euro Style" Floor Jack

    Ranger Floor Jack Long-Reach 2-Ton RFJ-2TX

    Ranger RFJ-2TX 2 Ton capacity garage floor jack was made specifically for those hard-to-reach automobile jacking points. Perfect for low profile cars. Note - This item ships by freight truck - Add $40 ...



    Out of stock

  • Ranger Elevated Expansion Clamp

    Ranger Elevated Expansion Clamp Adapters / Set of 4

    Elevated Tire Changer Extension Wheel Clamps | Set of 4 | Fits R745 Tire Changer This set of four elevated expansion clamps fits R745 NextGen series tire changers by Ranger Products | SKU 5327861 ...



  • Ranger Elevated Reduction Clamp Adapters

    Ranger Elevated ATV Tire Changer Wheel Clamps | For R745

    Elevated ATV Tire Changer Wheel Clamps | Set of 4 | Fits R745 Tire Changer  This set of four motorcycle / ATV wheel adapters fits the Ranger R745 tire changer. Price shown is when purchased ...



  • Ranger Elevated Reduction Clamp Adapters

    Ranger Elevated Reduction Clamp Adapters R30XLT

    Motorcycle Wheel Adapters for R30-XLT Tire Changer / Part 5328309 This set includes four motorcycle wheel adapters to fit onto the Ranger NextGen series tire changers. Specifically meant ...



  • Ranger Transmission Jack RTJ-1100

    Ranger Transmission Jack 1/2-Ton Capacity RTJ-1100

    Ranger RFJ-1100 transmission jack. This single stage, hydraulic model features a compact, light weight design and is rated at 1100 pounds capacity.



  • Ranger RD-20SE Portable Oil Drain

    Ranger Oil Drain Portable Air-Evac 20-Gallon RD-20SE

    RD-20SE 20-Gallon Air-Evac Portable Oil Drain The 20-gallon RD-20SE air-evacuation oil drain and fluid dispenser is the rolling upright that'll never let you down. It sports a rugged steel ...



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Ranger Garage Equipment At Discount Prices

Ranger products, (a division of BendPak) has been manufacturing garage equipment for over 45 years. They fabricate serious auto shop repair equipment for the serious professional. They supply a wide range of equipment to cover almost any auto shop's needs. Products include wheel service equipment such as Ranger alignment equipment, tire changers, wheel balancers, brake lathes, and other automotive tools. They also supply hydraulic equipment, including floor jacks, and air jacks, along with presses and engine cranes. Add to that their oil filter crusher, work benches, tool boxes, and you begin to see a full line of equipment that few other offer. They even produce an innovative wheel alignment machine.

One of the things that sets Ranger aprt from the competition is their engineering. These guys aren't just slapping their decals on some mass produced automotive equipment. They engineer most of their equipment from the ground up. Which is why you'll find that their quality doesn't suffer. Just like with their BendPak car lifts, they don't cut corners just to meet a certain pricing level. We've been selling Ranger shop equipment for almost 20 years now, and we can vouch for their high standards.

So take a look at what they have to offer, and then get back to us with any questions. We'll set you up with the best Ranger tire alignment equipment and other supplies for your application.

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